Curriculum and Assessment

The Village Academy Trust aims to deliver an engaging and interesting curriculum that is based upon the National Curriculum.

Each school within the Trust has developed its own curriculum map based on the Academy’s progression documents for the foundation subjects in each year group.

We do not prescribe how the curriculum is to be delivered; believing that teachers and schools need to respond to the particular needs of the children they teach.

Outcomes for children is the key determinant of this continued autonomy.

We require that the skills and content contained in the progression documents are delivered by the end of the year; however, the order of delivery may vary.

The curriculum maps and progression documents for the foundation subjects and the progression documents for the core subjects are reproduced in appendices below.

The curriculum maps for our Church of England schools will reflect the Christian ethos and values of those schools.

For a full version of The Village Academy Curriculum and other policies please see the Policies page on this website, or click on the link below.